1. It’s really difficult for me to be happy. And then for other people it just seems so simple.They just grow up and they’re so fulfilled.

    Young Adult (2011)

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    a guy on the train just finished his book and started a new one immediately i think that is the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen

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  5. LOVE



    This picture was too good for me not to share. 

    This is Chris Dobens, creator of the Boston Strong T shirt campaign, embracing his girlfriend,Emily Engelhardt, who was injured in last year’s marathon bombing, right before she crosses the finish line. 

    This picture is, in my opinion, one of the most important ones taken today. 

    This is one of the most powerful photos of modern history.

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  7. "If flowers can
    teach themselves
    how to bloom after
    winter passes,
    so can you."
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    i think this just changed my life

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    Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

    i hate lower pain pain. bless this.

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    This is such harsh advice until you realize it’s the truth

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    Jessica Rey presents the history of the evolution of the swimsuit including the origins of its design, how it has changed overtime and the post-feminist association of the bikini symbolizing female empowerment. She refers to neuro-scientific studies revealing how male brains react to images of scantily clad women versus images of women deemed modest and what the implications of the results are for women in society.

    (Note: As the OP, I disagree with Rey’s approach to putting the onus on women to alter ourselves rather than to alter the male perception of women – brain wiring has plenty to do with socialization and if we worked against the culture that fuels men’s objectification of women, women’s clothing choices would matter far less in terms of how men perceive us and determine how to interact with us).

    Jessica Rey - The Evolution of the Swim Suit

    bolding mine

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